Greatbatch Medical Reamers & Catheter Design/Manufacturing Center

Greatbatch Medical Tijuana, MexicoGreatbatch Medical Tijuana, MexicoGreatbatch Medical Tijuana, Mexico

Project Description

Greatbatch Medical | Tijuana, Mexico
Reamers & Catheter Design/Manufacturing Center

Relocation of Greatbatch Medical’s Reamers division from Switzerland to their existing Tijuana facility, prompted renovations and additions totaling approximately 140,000 square feet, including a new second floor within the existing building footprint. Challenges to this LEED certified project included complex phasing solutions to allow the entire plant to remain operational throughout the construction process. Improvements to the facility included additional office space, a new fitness center, Class 10,000 clean rooms as well as manufacturing space, and a complete redesign/expansion of the existing dining facility. This project was completed in the Spring of 2013.